Science of choosing better brand names (web)

Summary- 2 syllable or two word brand names are easier for conversations.

I have been studying the names of some of the top websites for past few months and one thing i noticed is mostly all of them are either 2 syllable or a 2 words combined as one. Some examples - FaceBook(2 words), Google(2 syllable). MSN is 3 syllable and could never beat Yahoo(2 syllable). Asklaila(2), Justdial(2), Onyomo is 3 syllabe and is still to make a mark.

Infact, according to what brand names i can think of, anything that is pronounced in 2 parts, it could be 2 known words combined as 1 or 1 word of 2 syllables, is easier to promote and people tend to remember and have an ease in mentioning in oral communication. For written communication people will use acronym rather, even if it is a 2 syllable name because most readers are aware of the context and hence can guess out the full name even if the acronym is not intelligent or popular. People like to mention wikipedia as wiki, just for the ease of communication. Infosys(3 sylable) becomes Infy but Wipro(2 syllable) is not changed.

I suppose this is only true for web and not for offline brands.

Not that a good name will make you a big hit but it helps in conversation.

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