The new Indian TV. Quality content still rules

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Its been long since saas-bahu family drama from the Ekta Kapoor clan lost its mark on Indian TV. The family dramas are still alive but new dramas are more realistic. They talk about real life, real situation in real language. Nothing made up. Colors rode on such soaps to number one and has mostly maintained that stand.

On the other hand the reality shows are doing really bad mostly owing to the air time being skewed to show more of judges' comments and anchors' explanation and less of real content. India's Got Talent was a no nonsense show that did not get enough news channel coverage but still kept audience glued.
Emotinal Atyachar is one other show that shows more of the participants and not the moderators. And is doing pretty good.

Audience likes original content and not repetitive and weak space fillers. Controversial stunts might get you eye balls and PR but not enough to retain them. In the long run its kills you. Remember Roadies, Saregama? All brilliant when started but moderators have taken over the participants, the real content creators. More talk, less action. 
Same thing on web. The blogs with most subscribers are ones that make a point and shut up. No pretext. No futuristic predictions.
Quality always rules for the ones who matter.

You work for someone else!?...

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"You work for someone else!?". That is what my school time friend asked over a chat when i discovered him on Facebook last week. Next question was, "How much do you earn?". I answered and there came another question, "Per month or per annum?".

He found it amazing that a guy who belonged to a business family like mine would ever work for someone else and that too for that kind of money. For once he even put me into thinking but then i am confident of what i was doing.

But for some reason his statement, "You work for someone else!?" seems to be stuck with me for the past one week, hope it passes away soon.

Just wondering, if Entrepreneurship was a brand would this statement be the perfect tagline for it. Is it strong enough or insulting enough to provoke you to make a shift?

India is Sexually Frustrated (Reassured)

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I have been blogging at for quite some time now. While the general reader base is intellectually sound and appreciates good writeups but then most of such articles get lost after 2-3 days. Surprisingly, one of the the articles that i wrote just out of fun has got the most attention. The article was on SavitaBhabhi changing into Kirtu. 3 months into writing this piece, it is my most searched article, week after week. More so it is one of the top articles on on most days. This is getting me a lot of readers but not really the kind i want.

My latest piece was a review of KuLacak-a GPS tracker from Indonesia. Took me 6 hrs, as Indonesia is a completely unknown territory. Hopefully readers would bother to comment on it. It was thrown to me by Arvind all of a sudden but i enjoyed the 6 hrs invested. Actually, it was the Pizza that i was enjoying.

Happy blogging to me!

PS: Would you have read this post if it had a non-sexual title?

Tax on Taste

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Went for the monthly grocery shopping yesterday. Things you have to do when living alone. Just 2 points to make.

1. The VAT on Kurkure is 12.5% but on Lays is 4%. Both serve the same need and are from the same company. Similar case with Everest Sabji Masala(4%) and Chole Masala (12%). Government wants me to pay taxes according to my taste buds.

2. Aashirwad Salt is available for Rs.11 a KG and Tata Salt lite(low sodium) is for Rs.18.
The health proposition of marketing is worth so much!