How I learnt driving...

I have been driving daily without assistance for a month now. Driving has been a challenge for me, for the fact that I first tried driving about 10yrs ago in 10th standard and till date i have taken 4 full time driving classes, 3 of which were paid.

But how I learnt driving is pretty interesting.

1. I have my own car, it is an old second hand car, so did not have to worry about accidental loss much. The risk is calculated. All this while I would be worried more about accidents then actually driving.

2. I have a real need. Till now all procrastination wasn't hurting as I would be at home only for few days and would either have my brother drive me or get my dad's driver. Worst case, I would take a rickshaw which was even cheaper. In Bangalore though, I don't have that luxury and rickshaws are mostly costlier than self drive.

3. I knew where to drive. All this time whenever I drove I never knew the directions, I was trying to solve 2 problems at the same time - how to take a turn and where to take a turn. I wouldn't be prepared for the route and would end up passing the turn and then panic.

4. I wasn't driving too often until now. This thing needs practice on real roads. You can't be driving in a park, once a week and expect to learn. You have to turn up everyday for a date with the beast.

5. I was on my own and felt cheated. The last driving lesson I took was a deal that "The instructor would make me perfect in 7 days". What he really meant was, "He would be available only for seven days, whether I turn up for the lessons or not, whether I learn to drive or not." On the 7th day he came to me and said the course is over and his fee is due. I had taken only 3 classes in those 7 days.  I understood the terms only then, felt cheated and  then I decided to give it a try without instructor, just to make up for my sunk cost.

What I have realised is driving a car is so much like starting up. There are as many things in your control and the same number of external dependencies. I read somewhere that driving is not about controlling the steering wheel but about predicting what will happen next on the road. I think the same applies to business as well. One who can predict what will happen next in the market, can control it.

Though I might sound childish but sometimes it amazes me how millions of people use the same road without talking to each other and without hurting each other, yet they all reach their destinations. Discipline can do so much better to everyone.

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