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Blogging generally attracts 3 generations of people.

1. Who know something through a lot of sources and actually want to share it with people. They have long term goals. You will never know when that person actually sold you something. Like seth godin,

2. They want to blog only for short term gains. They believe in releasing as many posts as possible no matter how dumb or useful. These bloggers go on to read other blogs so that they have something to blog about. Like and

3. These people blog because everyone else they know online is a blogger. They do start a blog but then are confused about what style to carry. They are not sure whether to write long posts like techcrunch and watblog that people will not bother to read after the first 2 sentences or short ones like Godin and These people actually stop updating there blogs after the first few posts.

I hope you fall in one of the three categories.

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