shifting focus vs loosing focus

There is a thin line between the two. The line is of success and accomplishment.

1. When you have completed product A, and without making much efforts to gain from it, started making product B you are actually loosing focus. It is likely that you will do the same with product B also. What you end up with is a huge portfolio of obscure products. Then just to satisfy your ego you put up a set of links at the bottom of your homepage saying "Our Network Sites".

2. When you start product B after product A has reached a milestone development mark but still continue to work on product A as well, you are not loosing focus but actually shifting focus. Remember that when you shift focus you don't kill your earlier product, you just hit a pause button not a stop button.

3. If you cannot relate your new product to your old one then you are actually loosing focus. The new product is a new field with new customers and new dynamics you might want a newer one after some time.

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