The new Indian TV. Quality content still rules

Its been long since saas-bahu family drama from the Ekta Kapoor clan lost its mark on Indian TV. The family dramas are still alive but new dramas are more realistic. They talk about real life, real situation in real language. Nothing made up. Colors rode on such soaps to number one and has mostly maintained that stand.

On the other hand the reality shows are doing really bad mostly owing to the air time being skewed to show more of judges' comments and anchors' explanation and less of real content. India's Got Talent was a no nonsense show that did not get enough news channel coverage but still kept audience glued.
Emotinal Atyachar is one other show that shows more of the participants and not the moderators. And is doing pretty good.

Audience likes original content and not repetitive and weak space fillers. Controversial stunts might get you eye balls and PR but not enough to retain them. In the long run its kills you. Remember Roadies, Saregama? All brilliant when started but moderators have taken over the participants, the real content creators. More talk, less action. 
Same thing on web. The blogs with most subscribers are ones that make a point and shut up. No pretext. No futuristic predictions.
Quality always rules for the ones who matter.

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