You work for someone else!?...

"You work for someone else!?". That is what my school time friend asked over a chat when i discovered him on Facebook last week. Next question was, "How much do you earn?". I answered and there came another question, "Per month or per annum?".

He found it amazing that a guy who belonged to a business family like mine would ever work for someone else and that too for that kind of money. For once he even put me into thinking but then i am confident of what i was doing.

But for some reason his statement, "You work for someone else!?" seems to be stuck with me for the past one week, hope it passes away soon.

Just wondering, if Entrepreneurship was a brand would this statement be the perfect tagline for it. Is it strong enough or insulting enough to provoke you to make a shift?

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  1. I hope you got that sorted out by now man ! :) I think this is one helluva honest post. I noticed you're at Zipdial - how's that going?