Persuasive vs Provoked selling: continued

[ for those new to this series please read the earlier post.]

Provoked selling can best work when it is played as an offense to the target audience. for eg. imagine a campaign for encouraging use of male condoms. Instead of telling the normal benefits of using rubber and the safety/ precautions that it has to offer, attack their manhood. I might sound a little offensive already. A typical line that you could communicate is, "It needs to erect before you can cover it". If a rubber is tough for you to buy the idea, say you have a web hosting company which provides great service, 99.9% uptime (everyone seems to be offering that), fastest servers etc. A tag that can go best for you is "Its for those serious businesses". Such messages tend to provoke a thought and also drive the users to check out your service, and as i said earlier, from thereon the conversion depends on your sales team. Another good example could be the closed beta launched of Gmail. By not being able to directly join one believes that the service is meant for special people and everyone wants to feel special.

There are a lot of messages that can be delivered for a single service but each needs to target a certain niche in the market.

Now, if we try the same idea of playing offensive for say, a beauty product, will it work? I doubt. The point that i am trying to communicate is there needs to be a differentiation in the audience as well. Nobody is "beautiful" or is "not beautiful", so saying that, "its for those really beautiful people" will leave people in a dilemma because nobody for sure knows if they are beautiful. In such a case the best suited would be a persuasive selling. You tell the audience about all the goodness of the product, what happens when you use it, you try to build a fascinating story about the after effects... and the list goes on.
There cannot be a clear line between what product falls in to which category. Its up to you to decide whats best for your product.

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