Why everyone (including you) should have a Blog

Welcome to eViral. This is my first post after a tiresome 2 hours of fixing every setting that Blogger has to offer. I have attached Feedburner, that Google recently(at the time of posting) acquired, for traffic(includes you) and Adsense for selling that traffic(not literally). I had to choose a lot of so called optimization(just a web word for "Making good") tools and also figure out how to use them. i believe i will change the layout in some days so i am posting a pic of the first day layout.

So much pain just because i was sold to the idea that everyone should have a blog. And through this article i will sell(you dont need to pay cash) the idea to you (lemme try atleast).
Probably this is not the first blog post that you are reading so don't expect me to tell you what a blog is.
Well i have been reading and commenting on quite a number of technology and media blogs and have always had something to share. Something that i think deserves a separate post space and not a comment(excuse me for that ego, wont happen again.).
Blogs are the best place to express your views on something that you like. They can be a great marketing tool for your business, irrespective of whether you offer service or product. Good and regular posts can always help you increase your social contacts that your business could use. Blogs also serve as a great tool for communicating with your service users or even showing off that new office space that you rented.
Marketing gurus believe that every single activity of your business should be put up on a blog. Depending on the nature of activity, whether an acquisition or eureka, you decide whether it should be on your company's internal blog or a public blog.
For individuals who do not have any business(like me), blogs can serve as a media to bounce off every little idea or thought that you have. Even i am starting the same.
i am not sure if it is enough because this is my first post. So, if you are sold to the idea by now, drop in your blog links in the comment section else you are welcome to share your 2 cents along with curses.

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