7 ways to spread Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is the best to market any product or website. A trusted word of mouth is sure conversion from prospective customer to loyal customer. But then what are the best ways to generate WoM. You might find some of the following ones useful.

1. Give user an interesting fact about your company.
2. Give the user some incentives, not money but fame.
3. Let the user know that he is a unique user in his area for a certain action that he performed.
4. Give out freebies. Tell freebies announcement blogs about it.
5. Do something cute and stupid and let the world laugh about it.
6. Do something for the community just for the sake of it. Avoid hidden gains or cheap things like, we will donate $ 0.001 to charity for every user registration.
7. Deliver a good product or service.

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