Get paid for practicing democracy

Imagine getting paid for practicing your rights in a democracy., a local search engine, recently launched community credits which aims to do the same. Onyomo is rewarding its users for speaking out and voting.
As a rewards program for encouraging user activity onyomo is offering redeemable points for every positive contribution to the site.

- writing a review on their favorite joints
- voting on a review as a great review
- inviting their friends to the service
- adding new outlet

Onyomo is being quite generous in rewarding the users as the no. of points for each activity is quite high. The concept of rewarding users for there contribution is not new but Onyomo has gone a step ahead by giving quite high rewards. The Indian users do not seem to be taking to the idea as the growth is pretty slow. May be its too early to comment on this. We will have to wait to see how it turns out. till then do give it a spin and share your experience.

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