How to convert words into loyality

You must have heard of those contests where you are asked to write about a service or product to enter a big-prize raffle. Something like, "Describe in no more than 30 words, why you like our product".
Well, what do you think those words that you have written are meant for? Testimonials? Yes, but thats not it.
The 30 words that you used to describe the service/product actually go on to become binding promises that make you keep coming back to the product. Its human nature to respect ones own words, even if you know its a lie, you will tend to live up to your words. You do that just to prove that you were not lying and that people should not find you dishonest. Marketers bank up on this aspect of human nature and create those competitions.
Its important to know that the hard work(survey and research) and creativity is involved in framing the right question. The question would typically depend on the kind market you are targeting and how do you want your product to be seen. For a cola brand the questions could be put up like:

A. Why do you think eViral cola is best thirst quencher?
B. Why do you think eViral cola is very refreshing?
C. Why do you always think of eViral cola when you feel thirsty?
D. I always drink eViral cola because.....
E. I drink eViral cola everyday in lunch because...
F. I always carry eViral cola when i am traveling because...
G. Eviral cola is the the best cola because....
H. I always make sure there is a can on eViral cola in my refrigerator because...

There are endless questions that could be framed but it depends completely on how you want to place your product in the market.

Now, of the above questions, B would get people scratching their heads but would rarely bring them to something they can write (until one knows the secret formula of the cola).
E,F and H are strictly targeting a particular segment of the market. G is an all rounder.

Decide what kind of words would your customers feel committed to and get them to write that. Feel free to share a few interesting questions that you can think of.

PS: never drink a cola with that kind of name.

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