India is Sexually Frustrated (Reassured)

I have been blogging at for quite some time now. While the general reader base is intellectually sound and appreciates good writeups but then most of such articles get lost after 2-3 days. Surprisingly, one of the the articles that i wrote just out of fun has got the most attention. The article was on SavitaBhabhi changing into Kirtu. 3 months into writing this piece, it is my most searched article, week after week. More so it is one of the top articles on on most days. This is getting me a lot of readers but not really the kind i want.

My latest piece was a review of KuLacak-a GPS tracker from Indonesia. Took me 6 hrs, as Indonesia is a completely unknown territory. Hopefully readers would bother to comment on it. It was thrown to me by Arvind all of a sudden but i enjoyed the 6 hrs invested. Actually, it was the Pizza that i was enjoying.

Happy blogging to me!

PS: Would you have read this post if it had a non-sexual title?

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  1. Wish u all the best for your future write ups and other stuffs.