No one reads what BlogRush syndicates

So, you are finally reading the posts here. Well if you have arrived here from the BlogRush widget on some other blog you will be happy to know that this is the first post on this blog that is receiving readers through BlogRush.It could also be that you are the first reader here through BlogRush. If so, i must first congratulate you of this distinction and also myself for finally getting my first reader through BlogRush. Well my earlier post had been syndicated 359 times but did not receive any readers.

Is it only me or is this the case with other bloggers as well. Given the fact that i am new to blogging and using tools such as BlogRush, there are two possibilities that i can think of. Either my titles are not too attractive and catchy or may be readers do not really bother about those widgets.
If the first is true than i believe i should start giving some misleading titles or change the subjects that i cover on this blog. But if the second point is true than we will soon see the end of BlogRush and other distribution media as well. John Chow in his blog reported that even with 24K subscribers through Feedburner his revenue percentage from Feedburner was lowest.
So let me know if you really think there is a future for such media. Also drop in numbers for your percentage of readers who reach through Blogrush. Is Blogrush only eating up space or is it really worth it? For those advertising through Blogrush, please give it a thought.

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