Sulekha: Creating word of mouth

With the marketing strategy called BlogPrint, Sulekha is jumping into cat fight of bringing in serious bloggers in their bag. They will be publishing chosen blogs and posts as books and sharing the revenue with the bloggers.

"...One blogger will be selected every month whose blogs will be featured in a book. It will be a 'Single author' book dedicated to featuring the contributions of one featured blogger on and will showcase a selection of his work..."

By this promotion Sulekha is sure to catch eye of some serious bloggers and also some of the newbies who buy the very idea of blogging just for money and not for passionate writing. Sure Sulekha will be successful in its approach to rope in the best bloggers that there are and also some good writers who are yet to take upon this idea of blogging. The new writers will be the ones who will be driving traffic to Sulekha and get their friends to read their posts. Its like the social network's friends invite system that will actually go on to create a WoM for Sulekha.

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