Get media attention in one line, Facebook style

People are dying to get media attention and this fact would go good even for the already rich and famous. Anything simple action or word can get media talking about your activity. This was recently proved by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. In his internal mail, which was purposefully leaked, Mark writes:

“Hey Everyone –

I’m writing from India to share with you the good news that Elliot Schrage will be joining our management team as.....

And this one line got all the bloggers speculating Facebook's India launch. The original article on TC has more comment relating to this one line than the actual news of the article. Indian technology blogs have already started spreading the speculation.
Even if there is no India launch, Facebook will surely manage to get a lot of media attention in India. This will be enough to get some more Indian accounts signed up on Facebook.
Good work Mark!


  1. Naman
    It need not be a marketing strategy- dont think FB needs that.
    As far as I know, he is basically for setting up a team which can go around the country, meet developers and cajole them to build FB apps.

    Lets see.

  2. @Ashish
    i agree with you that it need not really be a marketing strategy but then why would a founder need to write to his employees where he is writing from and do you think this type of letters actually leak out or are meant to be leaked out.

    And then why do you think that Facebook does not need any marketing in India, given that orkut is a big hit and Myspace just launched but the Indian crowd is not yet getting hang of FB.
    plz correct me if i am wrong.